Bouncing Bubbles Hat

bouncing bubbles hat

I came up with the design for this hat while knitting at work when I forgot the pattern for the hat I originally intended to make, and I think it came out pretty well. 🙂

Link to PDF version


  • about 100 yards of worsted weight MC
  • small amount of worsted weight CC
  • size 8 16″ circular needle
  • size 8 dpns
  • tapestry needle


CO 96 stitches with MC, join for working in the round, and place a stitch marker for the beginning of the round

work in k4, p2 rib for about an inch and a half

work in stockinette for 6 rounds

work the following chart 4 times, starting in the lower right corner. White = MC, black = CC

bubble hat design

work in stockinette in MC for 6 rounds, then begin decreases


k14, k2tog around (90 sts)

k around

k13, k2tog around (84 sts)

k around

k12, k2tog around (78 sts)

k around

k11, k2tog around (72 sts)

k around

k10, k2tog around (66 sts)

k9, k2tog around (60 sts)

k8, k2tog around (54 sts)

k7, k2tog around (48 sts)

k6, k2tog around (42 sts)

k5, k2tog around (36 sts)

k4, k2tog around (30 sts)

k3, k2tog around (24 sts)

k2, k2tog around (18 sts)

k1, k2tog around (12 sts)

k2tog around (6 sts)

cut yarn and use tapestry needle to draw through remaining 6 stitches. Pull through to the inside and weave in ends.

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