New Knit Picks yarn, yay!

I got a package from Knit Picks yesterday! I always love getting my Knit Picks packages because I always get so much at once (have to qualify for that free shipping after all! ;)).

Here’s what I got: 6 skeins of black Wool of the Andes, 3 skeins of their new Chroma yarn (I got Prism, Lollipop and Galapagos), 1 skein of orange Swish, and 2 skeins of blue Capra.

Noro Kureyon

If the Chroma came plied in these colors, it would be pretty much perfect.

The Chroma is similar to the Noro yarns, but is a lot softer – it’s 70% wool and 30% nylon. Overall, I like the Chroma better than Noro because it’s much, much softer, the colors are great, and you get almost twice as much yarn for the same or less money (I got a 110-yard skein of Noro Kureyon at my LYS for $9, the Chroma Worsted has 198 yards for the same price).

However, I’m not a huge fan of the fact that the Chroma is a spun single – with some loosely spun areas – so I’m a little afraid of it breaking (but so far so good!). I’m actually thinking of getting 2 balls of the fingering weight yarn next time I order from KP and plying them together to see if that adds strength, or at least peace of mind while knitting.

Anyway, I was super-excited to get this batch of yarn, because it meant I could start my OWL (mutli-month project for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry), which is going to be a pair of Owlings fingerless mitts (with the Swish), a pair of London Eye Glittens (with some Patons Classic Wool),  a pair of Celtic Moonrise Mittens (with the Capra), and 3 Noro Striped Scarves (with the Wool of the Andes and Chroma).

This is my fifth term competing in the HPKCHC and I haven’t successfully completed an OWL yet. This term, though, will be the term I finally finish one. How do I know this? I know I can do it this time because two of the scarves and two of the pairs of gloves are for my sisters, and they will ask after their things until they get them!

striped scarf

I like how the grey and black look together, don’t you?

My plan is to work on one scarf at a time, and switch between the three gloves so that I don’t get bored. I’m hoping that the color changes in the Chroma can keep me interested enough in the scarves that I don’t get bored.

Of course I’m also going to be working on several other projects at the same time. I’m making a grey and black striped scarf for my boyfriend (on the right), a ribbed hat for his nephew, and an earwarmer for myself (after all, I do get some reward for all this knitting, right? ;))

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