too much snow!

This was my car after our most recent heavy snowstorm.

Okay, so it has been COLD here. We’re talking negative teens for the overnight temperatures over this past weekend. Combine that with all the snow we have, and I’m just about done with winter.

We’ve already gotten over 43 inches of snow here in Connecticut this month alone, with up to another foot coming in tomorrow night. And we still have two months left of official winter.

At least that gives me plenty of excuses to make nice winter accessories, right?

Well, I’ve certainly kept busy doing just that.

prism scarf

I just love these color changes!

I finished my Prism Chroma rainbow scarf that I mentioned in my last post! I was actually really happy with it, because the scarf came out to just about 5 feet long after two full color pattern repeats, which turned out to be a great length for the way I like to wear scarves (I like to fold them in half, drape them around my neck, and pull the ends through the loop to secure them).

The yarn itself helped my color cause, because my ball started in the perfect spot on the red colorway and continued to the orange, so I was able to make two perfect color repeats.

rolled scarf

Doesn’t that look cool?

Another reason I love this Chroma yarn: scarves made from it look really pretty when you roll them up.

rainbow hat

I should have gone about 4 stripes longer.

Of course, I had to have a matching hat to go with my new rainbow scarf. however, I didn’t make the hat long enough, and it only covers the very top of my ears. 😦 I think I’m going to give this one to my younger sister and try again, I’ve still got about 5 colors (so just under a full color pattern repeat) of that Chroma colorway left, so it should be enough to make another hat. Plus, this one will be mostly blues and purples in the main section, which are my favorite colors! 🙂

It fits!

However, considering my rainbow hat was too small, and knowing we had subzero temperatures coming up, I decided to make myself another new hat to beat the cold. This one I made out of Bernat Alpaca blend, because it’s a bulky yarn so should be thicker and warmer (plus I was not home and therefore did not have access to my stash). I decided to just go with a simple 10 rows of k1p1 ribbing and then a stockinette hat, to ensure a quick finish.

As it would happen, I first cast on too many stitches, then got distracted while knitting, so I didn’t finish my “Emergency Hat” in time for the first really cold day, but I did have it in time for the second and third subzero evenings, so all was well.

I made sure this hat would be long enough by knitting it until the length I’d normal go before decreasing (about 6 inches), then continuing for another inch, inch and a half, just to make sure the length was there.

Sure enough, it fits! I finally have a hat that completely covers my ears without having to resort to earflaps!

Andean Silk mittens

You can even see here how loose they are.

Now I have to finish the matching mittens I’m making. I have a pair of mittens I made last year out of Knit Picks Andean Silk that I love, but I made them too loose and long. I’m considering felting them, but I don’t know how well they’d do (anyone ever felt Andean Silk? Does it felt well?). The only thing that has kept me from felting them so far has been my fear that if I felt them, I’ll destroy the pretty cable pattern on the backs.

Therefore, after making my Emergency Hat, I started on a pair of matching, tighter, shorter mittens – in other words, mittens that actually fit my hands. I’ve got one mitten done (sorry, I haven’t taken photo yet!), so hopefully the other will be done by the end of the week so I can turn them in for a class in the HPKCHC.

Other than the projects for myself, I have been working on a couple things for my sisters.


Aren’t those owl cables cute?

I’ve made good progress on the Owlings mitts I’m making for my 13 year old sister. She requested a pair of fingerless gloves in bright orange yarn, so I found this KP Swish in the perfect color, and figured the owl cables would be perfect for her considering she is a huge animal lover.

I’ve actually finished one mitt (except for the thumb) but haven’t gotten a full photo of it yet.

And, last but not least, I’m working on another rainbow-colored Chroma scarf for my 18 year old sister. This one is being made using the Lollipop colorway of Chroma, which is more pastel/neon rainbow colors than the yarn I used for my own scarf.

This rainbow is a bit lighter and brighter than the other one.

Happily, I encountered the same color situation with this yarn as I did with my yarn: the ball started perfectly in the middle of the red/pink. I think I was just lucky with these two balls, because my Prism ended with yellow, and this ball of Lollipop ends with green, so I don’t think they’re able to start every ball at the beginning of the rainbow.

You can see where the slub was.

So far, I have been pretty happy with the Chroma. The only time I’ve run into issues has been with my sister’s scarf. In the first round of green, I got a huge slub that’s pretty noticeable in the knitting, and then a few yards later it pulled apart in a fluffy spot (which, admittedly, was a concern I’d had with the Chroma being a single).

Overall, it didn’t end up being the biggest issue ever. I showed my sister the slubby part and she didn’t mind (extra of her favorite color!) and I was able to splice the broken yarn back together. I wound the rest of my ball and didn’t see any more slubs or breaks, so I think it should be good now. I haven’t looked at my other ball, so I don’t know if there will be any problems with it, but I’m optimistic because I had no issues with my first ball.

Looking ahead now, my goals for the rest of the month (i.e. the next week) are to finish my mittens, finish my sister’s scarf, finish a hat I started for my boyfriend’s nephew, and make a warm winter hat for my boyfriend. Hopefully the snow this week will motivate me to get them done. 😉

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