It’s the little fainting orange texting monster!

If you’ve seen the commercials for the AT&T Windows 7 phones that involve cute, colorful little monsters (each of those links to a different commercial), then you’ll recognize one of my latest projects: my Orange Texting Guy.

Descriptive name, isn’t it? After seeing this phone commercial, I knew I had to make one of these guys for my sisters for 3 reasons: 1) he’s adorable, 2) he texts, and 3) he’s bright orange.

Orange Texting Guy

Look! He’s reaching to text!

Luckily, I actually found a pattern on Ravelry (Ravelry link) that was almost perfect: The Monsties – Amigurumi Mini Monsters (blog link). All I did was add a couple of arms, and voila! A little orange texting guy!

For the arms, I made a 10-stitch crochet chain, joined it, crocheted a tube until it was as long as the guy was tall, then make the fingers. I crocheted in 3 stitches, then broke the yarn and joined and closed the top for one finger; for the second finger I made 3 sc in each of the stitches right next to the first finger, joined and did another round, then broke the yarn and closed off; for the third finger I did the same as for the first finger.

I used regular, feltable wool (Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Full o’ Sheep) with the intent of felting him. However, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the arms on right if I felted before stuffing, and I didn’t know if I could guess the right amount of stuffing if I stuffed first then felted.

What I did instead, and I think it worked pretty well, was take a wire pet brush like this one (never used on an animal, only yarn) and vigorously brushed out the yarn to make him fuzzy. On a side note, a little PSA: be very careful when vigorously brushing out yarn with a wire brush, especially when the hand holding the object has very dry skin, as this can result in several painful little cuts that burn when you put on lotion.

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